Potato Tacos Recipe Mexican Tortilla wrap recipe トルティーヤラップ ポテトタコス - hanami

  • 3 years ago
A tortilla is a flatbread used in Mexican cuisine. They are used in burritos, enchiladas, and mainly as a wrap called a taco. They are normally made of maize (corn), but can also be made of wheat or potatoes.

In Spanish cuisine, tortillas are very different; they are closer to an omelet based on potatoes, usually mixed with other ingredients like onions, meat sausages, or other vegetables; they can be baked or cooked in a frying pan. Also, many Latin-American countries call omelettes tortillas, and the ingredients can be different in every country, using their local ingredients and by choice of the chef. In Turkish cuisine, a tortilla is known as lavash which is a type of flatbread.

potato - onion - corned beef - tortilla - salt - black pepper - chili powder - paprika powder - mozzarella cheese - chili sauce - palm fruit oil - cooking oil - grated cheese - cheddar sliced cheese

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