Brad Stevens Pregame Interview | Celtics vs Trailblazers

  • 3 years ago
Brad Stevens was interviewed pregame before the Celtics’ matchup vs the Portland Trailblazers. Stevens talked about the Celtics’ offense this season, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Browns’ injury status, as well as Blazers star Damian Lillard.
The Celtics pulled off a big-time comeback in their last game vs the Denver Nuggets. Despite this, Stevens had a few comments about their offense overall. “Shot profile has been a big emphasis for us,” he said. They have had “to work hard to generate threes and layups… we [Boston] settled in the first quarter vs Denver.”
Both Tatum and Brown were questionable to play before the last game. Stevens said that they were both feeling a little off but made it through the game well. Regardless of this, Stevens made the team’s priorities clear - “we will not prioritize our seed over our players’ health, that’s for sure; we’ll land where we land.”
The head coach also talked about Lillard. “I mean, you got to do your best to be in his airspace at 40-feet,” said Stevens. Lillard has been averaging 28.7 points this season on 37.8% shooting from three.

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