Robert Williams Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Hornets

  • 3 years ago
Robert Williams was quick to praise his teammates in his postgame press conference for making the most out of his passes, saying "they make me look good 90% of the time with my messed-up passes". Williams said he needs to put an emphasis on learning how his teammates score the ball, and that applies to new teammate Evan Fournier. After going against Charlotte, Williams said this was a big win in terms of getting the momentum going and where they're at in the standings. The young center also took time to show love for Terry Rozier, who he exchanged jerseys with after the game. Williams said he looks at Rozier like a big brother, and talks about how he took Williams under his wing as a rookie; Williams also said he got to say hi to another old teammate in Brad Wanamaker and wished he could have seen Gordon Hayward as well. On Terry Rozier, Williams recalled that Rozier told him he'd have to fight for minutes but that Rozier saw the dog in him. Williams said of himself in the game that "if I'm thriving on defense, I'll thrive throughout the game".

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