One Of The Worlds Biggest, Nastiest Dark Web Holes Just Got Shut Down

  • 3 years ago
European authorities say one of the internet’s largest forums for criminal activity has been seized and the man believed to be its operator has been arrested.
Gizmodo reports DarkMarket boasted nearly half a million users and over 200,000 re-sellers.
On it, they could digitally swap drugs, malware, stolen credit card data, and SIM cards, among other things.
Law enforcement co-opted DarkMarket's infrastructure, confiscating over 20 servers in Ukraine and Moldova, where the operation was apparently located.
However, officials have yet to reveal just who was arrested in connection with the darknet.
They refer to the man only as a 34-year-old 'Australian national' who was apparently taken into custody by police somewhere near the German-Danish border.