Why It's A Good Thing Godzilla Isn't The Real Deal

  • 3 years ago
Since his debut in 1954, beloved Japanese giant nuke-lizard Godzilla has gotten bigger and bigger.
In fact, the radiation-breathing monster was 36 stories tall in his latest silver screen appearance.
Paleontologist Mike Habib is an expert in giant reptiles. He also helps design fantastical creatures for TV and film.
And according to Business Insider, Habib says if Godzilla were actually a living creature, he'd be unable to lift his own weight.
Not only that, he'd be brain-dead long before he ever reached a city because his heart is neither large nor powerful enough to pump blood to his head.
What's more, Habib says Godzilla's nerve-conduction speed would be so slow that he wouldn't be able to move!