Full version Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain

  • 4 years ago
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In Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential Blockchain, readers will realize why security tokens are creating huge excitement in the financial industry. By combining the latest in technology and the potential for automated world-class investor protections, regulatory compliance and customer service, security tokens offer a plethora of benefits that will drive cost reductions, enhance flexibility and open up opportunities for new business models and revenue streams. Digital Finance thoroughly examines how this powerful technology can overhaul our current financial infrastructure in a way that will increase efficiency, transparency, and security.Topics include:How to think about investments in the digital space How blockchain and distributed ledger technology are disrupting the financial industry Security tokens and how they are the next major breakthrough for investing How digital assets open new opportunities and provide cost savings benefits How blockchain technology has created new, efficient ways of fund raising and investing The ways tech companies are building a new, more interconnected financial network fabric How multi-national corporations like IBM, Fidelity Investments and AXA are already deploying blockchain and tokenized solutions Case studies, historical perspectives and latest trends that offer perception as to how this exciting new space will develop How countries around the world are embracing this new phenomenon and how regulators are taking notice How assets currently only available to select institutional investors could become marketed to the mainstream