‘Modi Hug, Gujarati Khichdi, Hologram In Australia PM Scott Morrisons Virtual Meet With PM Modi

  • 4 years ago
On June 4, PM Narendra Modi & Australia PM Scott Morrison took part in the first virtual summit between India & Australia. The two countries elevated their ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership. India & Australia also signed a crucial agreement for reciprocal access to military logistics. They unveiled a “shared vision for maritime cooperation in the Indo- Pacific”. Morrison said the comprehensive strategic partnership formed by the two sides will take them “to a whole new level of relationship”. The summit was held against the backdrop of growing tensions with China for both India & Australia. But secretary (east) Vijay Thakur Singh of the external affairs ministry told an online briefing there was no specific discussion on China. Australia PM also tacitly referred to Australia’s demand for a probe into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic while commending India’s taking over as chair of the WHO’s executive board. The meet ended on a light-hearted note as Morrison made a mention of PM Modi's trademark hugs & a staple from his home state of Gujarat- Khichdi. Recently, Morrison tried making ‘Samosas’ at home & shared pictures, calling them ‘ScoMosas’.