Youtube chainal banaen yootyoob chainal ko mainej karen pharst veediyo apalod yootyoob par karen Create YouTube channel Manage YouTube channel Upload first video to YouTube यूट्यूब चैनल बनाएं यूट्यूब चैनल को मैनेज करें फर्स्ट वीडियो अपलोड यूट्यूब

  • 4 years ago
Hi guys, I am Vikas, today we will talk about how YouTube is made a channel on YouTube, how hard it is done and how the first video is uploaded to YouTube, so let's start. To create a channel on YouTube, you need to have a Chrome browser. After creating the email id, you will put the cover photo and logo on your channel and write a description. After writing the description you will go to the channel keyboard settings, go to this channel and the channel keyboard will write what the channel is written for because your channel will appear in the search results. As soon as you can whenever you search the channel on YouTube, you can watch the channel itself. That channel comes only when you enter the channel keyboard in the search result. To upload the video, you have to click on the plus icon to upload the video here. And if you want to go to life in the rounding, you can also go to light, you will click on upload, you will upload the video, then you will have to enter the title, then you will insert the description, after that you have the option of thermal, you should not put it Video Once uploaded, you have to create a playlist and after that some options come as to how your video is because it is for the children that they are for the elders, after that a foot option comes if you have a video chat. If you do not enable him to click on the promotion, then you have kept disabled, then after that it is important to import 11 you should also put a tag about that which is also the video, like 1 of the exam To give an example, our video is how to create a channel on YouTube, then you will put a tag on how your channel is made on YouTube and in English also you can put it in such a way, after putting everything you will save, give a recording before saving. Not given, you will enter the date of the day on which you have uploaded the video and you will be able to comment a lot of options come down. You can see them after saving BSF, you will see the ad screen, that you have ever seen when you last on YouTube. When the video comes to an end, a lot of videos come in the last of that video. You will also see the card that the logo of that channel comes, then by clicking on the people on that channel, you can also win on that channel, from here the ad screen and add tax are put there, you will save and your video will be public. We will publish and publish, if you want to keep your video private, then you will publish it by clicking on private, there your video will be published, there will be a choice of gender as well, and click on the option to cut your video. Will be published, if you liked the video then like the video, share it with your friends