Full E-book Gig Mindset: Reclaim Your Time, Reinvent Your Career, and Ride the Next Wave of

  • 4 years ago
Tim Ferriss had it right: you can work with virtual assistants to escape the grind of eighty-hour workweeks. Ferriss was ahead of his time in predicting how entrepreneurs would work today and we have discovered that the benefits of the gig economy now extend to employees and business owners. You don't have to quit your job to live a balanced life, reskill, unlock new opportunities, or start that side hustle you can't stop thinking about.You just need Gig Mindset, and Paul Estes is here to help you adopt it. For years, Paul struggled to balance his home life with fast-moving jobs at Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft. Hiring his first virtual assistant transformed his life--and it can do the same for you. Paul will help you get started with freelancers by utilizing the TIDE Framework: Taskify, Identify, Delegate, and Evolve. He also shares stories from interviews with leaders at NASA, GE, and Topcoder on how they're transforming their organizations using gig economy strategies.If you're ready to re-energize your work, Gig Mindset is what you need.