The Petition to Save Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Has Over 100,000 Signatures

  • 4 years ago
Major movements tend to have a tipping point where they become a phenomenon.For fans of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, they're hoping that breakthrough happens at 100,000 signatures.Last month, when Taco Bell announced a cut to its menu, the loss of the chain's Mexican Pizza grabbed headlines.And Mexican Pizza fans were not prepared to watch it go in silence.A petition was created begging Taco Bell to "Save the Mexican Pizza," and it has over 100,000 signatures.However, the Taco Bell brass doesn't appear to be shaken by the fan fervor.While we understand our fans are bummed to see it go, streamlining our menu opens the door for future food innovations that we know our fans will love just as much. We've enjoyed seeing fans and influencers share their fondest Mexican Pizza memories, Taco Bell