[Read] The Surrendered Wife: A Practical Guide To Finding Intimacy, Passion and Peace Best

  • 4 years ago
I know, I know: You could never be a "surrendered wife." Just saying the words makes you feel like flossing. But that's exactly what Laura Doyle thought before she discovered the ecstasy of marital surrender. "When I stopped trying to control the way John did everything and started trusting him implicitly," she confides, "I began to have the marriage I've always dreamed of. When I stopped criticizing his ideas and taking over every situation as if he couldn't handle it, something magical happened. The man who wooed me was back." In The Surrendered Wife, Doyle spells out her plan for creating a hot, dreamy marriage. Just stop trying to control your husband, she suggests, and you can better appreciate the gifts of a trusting, dependent relationship. "Control and intimacy are opposites," Doyle explains. "Without being vulnerable, I can't have intimacy. Without intimacy, there can be no romance or emotional connection. When I am vulnerable with my husband, the intimacy, passion, and devotion seem to flow naturally." With simple, effective writing, Doyle teaches her readers how to trust their husbands.Does Doyle preach the Zen of happiness -- or the zilch of wimpiness? Either way, The Surrendered Wife is sure to raise questions for every woman.
--Jesse Gale