[Read] Confessions of a CPA - The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance Review

  • 4 years ago
The hands on the cover of this book are holding a sum of money. The image next to the hands is larger. Why?Because, where your money is stored is more important than what it earns.We have been led to believe that the more money we accumulate, the more financially secure we are. However, which account those funds are in, may make the difference between running out of money, and having more money than we need during our retirement years. The accumulation phase of our life is only a portion of our lifetime. When we really need the money, during the distribution phase of our lifetime, there is very little guidance regarding how to spend your retirement funds.Confessions of a CPA - The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance, explains a strategy that focuses on the distribution phase of our lifetime. Once you determine how much money you want in retirement, only then can you determine how to accumulate it. This book examines the entire process, beginning with the goal and then backing into how to achieve it. It also explains how you can transform your current nest egg, into a nest egg that will spend as if it were three to four times as much as it's paper value indicates.Confessions of a CPA - The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance, explains why this is true. It also explains what rate of return is necessary in any other investment to approximate the economic value of a life insurance contract.When you get to the end of this book, you may wonder why everyone is not applying this strategy. The simple answer is that everyone who understands, does.Read the entire series, Confessions of a CPA to fully understand.