S. Korea holds event to mark International Memorial Day for Comfort Women

4 years ago
오늘 일본군 위안부 피해자 '기림의 날'…"미래를 위한 기억"

Today is International Memorial Day for Comfort Women and to remember the victims of Japan's sex slavery during World War Two,... a government organized event was held in South Korea earlier today.
Via a video message,... President Moon Jae-in vowed all efforts to restore the victims' dignity.
Kim Min-ji reports.
August 14th is the date 29 years ago when the late Kim Hak-sun, a victim of Japan's sex slavery, first publicly testified about Tokyo operating military brothels during the Second World War.
To mark the day,... the government held an event under the slogan "memory for the future" to remember the victims and what the current generation can learn from history.
The Japanese military forced up to 200-thousand women, mostly Koreans, into sexual slavery in front-line brothels.
"The testimony of Kim Hak-soon become a catalyst in reopening this chapter of history. She revealed the truth and the facts about violence committed against women. It's now time for us to think about what we can learn from the tragic past."
Also on Friday,... the government opened a digital archive that stores more than 500 files of documents and materials on the victims,... known euphemistically as the "comfort women."
It includes reports by UN forces during the Korean War and official statements by the Japanese government.
In a video message,... President Moon Jae-in vowed to restore the dignity and honor of the women,... stressing the importance of a "victim-centered solution."
The government will do its best to map out realistic and practical methods so the victims' courage and dedication can be repaid with the restoration of their dignity and honor. The most important principle is a "victim-centered" approach. The government will continue to seek a solution that the victims can accept."
President Moon thanked the victims for their courage in coming forward calling them living history, and praising their fight for women's rights and peace.
The president said they have presented a new direction for future generations of South Koreans and Japanese to pursue peace and human rights.
President Moon vowed to take care of the 17 Korean women still living who are registered with the government as sex slavery victims.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.