Russian fighter jet with broken landing gear lands

  • 4 years ago
A supersonic Russian fighter jet with broken landing gear touches down on the runaway amid sparks. The incident occurred at the Bolshoe Savino Airport in the city of Perm in the western Russian region of Perm Krai on 11th August. According to the national news agency TASS, a press statement was released by the Central Military District saying they received a distress signal from the MIG-31 fighter at about 8:00 pm local time. According to the press release, while performing a training flight, the flight director noticed a break in the aircraft’s tail landing gear wheel and reported it to the commander of the aircraft. The fighter jet had to circle over the city for some time to run out of fuel, a routine protocol when the landing equipment is compromised to make an explosion less likely upon landing. The footage filmed from an airport building shows the plane landing with the drag parachute behind it. Although large sparks can be seen being generated by the impact of the landing, the plane does not catch fire.