NASA astronauts splash down into Gulf of Mexico in SpaceX capsule

4 years ago
미 우주인 45년만의 해상 귀환…스페이스X 캡슐 멕시코만에 착수

Good morning to our viewers across the globe, you're watching Arirang's 'The World Now'. I'm Kim Jae-hee.
Two American astronauts who flew to the International Space Station in SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, have returned safely back to earth after their space capsule splashed down into the Gulf of Mexico.
It was the first water landing by U.S. astronauts since the final Apollo moon mission 45 years ago.
It was also a feat no private company has ever accomplished before.
Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley rode the capsule back to Earth following a 21-hour overnight journey after departing the International Space Station,... ending their historic two-month mission.
They had previously gave their farewells aboard the space station, before the splash down.
"It'll be kind of a memory that will last a lifetime for me. Just all the incredible teamwork and accomplishments with the highlights, obviously being the four spacewalks that we worked together literally as a crew of five to have success and to complete that part of the upgrade for the International Space Station, which leaves it in a great posture for the future."
The capsule was recovered by a recovery ship shortly after the landing.
President Trump also expressed thanks and congratulated NASA and SpaceX on Twitter on their return, calling the mission "very successful".