All Shame, All Blame: Trump Admin Scurries To Absolve POTUS For COVID-19 Disaster

President Donald Trump says he's passed on throwing out the first pitch in a game at Yankee Stadium because he's busy managing the COVID-19 crisis.
But that didn't stop him from visiting his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort all weekend, where he was pictured playing a round with NFL great Brett Favre.
Meanwhile, CNN reports Trump's aides are busy trying to shift the blame away from Trump and onto the states for the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic.
The administration wants to speed up economic activity by encouraging people to go back to work.
To do so, they're goading states that are now suffering terribly from the pandemic to open before they have properly suppressed the virus.
It coincides with Trump's demands that all schools open, while ignoring concerns of parents and teachers.