Desperate To See Her Husband With Alzheimer's, Woman Takes Dishwashing Job At Care Facility

  • 4 years ago
For the loved ones of patients in memory care units and nursing homes, the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has taken an enormous toll.
Florida issued an emergency order in March that prohibits visits to long-term care facilities, except for families and friends in end-of-life circumstances.
Gov. Ron DeSantis extended the restrictions this week for another 60 days.
According to CNN, Mary Daniels was barred from seeing her husband Steve, who lives in a memory care center due to his Alzheimer's disease.
Separated for 114 days, Mary says Steve quickly began to decline, due to the loneliness from isolation.
So she took a part-time job washing dishes at the facility, just so she could visit with him after her shift.
Steve's doing much better now. Mary has urged the state and Gov. DeSantis to adjust the restrictions and to find a better way of handling the situation.
We are isolating these patients to save them, but the isolation is killing them. Mary Daniels