Playing First person with Human Opponent for you _ #FRAG Pro Shooter #Gameplay _ New Character _-_

  • 4 years ago
I made this because many Doubted me that I cheat you guys by playing against bots. It's not like that, I play with BOTS for some special aim like showing First Person Shooter ie. FPP or FPS Skills of HUNTER, RON1N and others or Showing you guys the tricks how we can be troops like JET Against Enemy. With time I will avoid bots in such videos of FRAG Pro Shooter.
Higher we reach, Higher Quality videos will be there :)
I hope you liked the new frag character Stella. Isn't she beautiful?

Read about FRAG Pro Shooter here-

Music: Don’t Lie To Me ( by FUGUE )
Musician: The Villars
Thanks a lot for Support :)

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