Watch Live! Astronauts Chris Cassidy & Bob Behnken Spacewalk At The ISS To Replace Old Batteries

4 years ago
Astronauts Chris Cassidy, the commander of Expedition 63, and Bob Behnken, who arrived at the ISS a month ago aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon with Douglas Hurley, will carry out Wednesday’s spacewalk following a successful outing by the pair on Friday, June 26, that focused on the same task. The batteries store power collected from the station’s main solar arrays. The astronauts are exchanging old nickel-hydrogen batteries for more powerful lithium-ion ones.

Cassidy and Behnken will exit the space station via its Quest airlock at 7:35 a.m. ET. The stream will feature live footage from the astronauts’ helmet-cams, as well as other cameras, and also include audio of the exchanges between the astronauts and Mission Control in Houston, Texas.