All in One Workout Positions || Workout Tips || By Health Coach Stacey Shapiro - Part 3

4 years ago
All in One Workout Positions & Workout Tips By Health Coach Stacey Shapiro - Part 3

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Just because the gyms are closed doesn’t mean you can’t move your body! As promised, here’s a home workout you can do literally anywhere and I collaborated to bring you all some epic home workouts this week!

I had never journaled through a workout before, and the last year or so has been a pretty turbulent one when it came to life really just taking a complete 180. So pushing through the suck, especially on my “bad side” (this video is the last few reps of the workout on our not so comfortable side) while writing down the process, really helped me find some clarity.⠀

This workout was simple in concept but ended up being so much more than just a workout. ⠀

Just do 100 Turkish Get Ups. No time cap, just finish it. Okay, got it.⠀

And then @timchansd started talking about what the workout meant, and asked if I wanted to journal. Not to write the weight or time, but to really go through the emotions the workout was pulling from us. ⠀

Here are a few takeaways that I wanted to share from this experience:⠀

▪Focusing on strengthening where you find yourself not so strong. The suck is real when you get started, but you become stronger the more you practice which only adds to your other strengths.⠀

▪Set a large goal, but then give yourself smaller goals along the way. A huge goal may seem daunting when that’s all you look at, but mini celebrations along the way will make the process a whole lot more rewarding. ⠀

▪When the going gets tough, keep pushing forward, even if you need to take breaks. Because breaks are okay, and necessary to push through sometimes. ⠀

▪It’s okay to lighten the load to achieve your goals. ⠀

▪Hard work doesn’t seem so hard when your part of a community who wants to support and better the process. ⠀

▪Everything looks better when you point your toes⠀

Thank you @timchansd for inviting me to experience a small piece of the @btwntheears programming. It was a much needed breath of fresh air and clarity