Las Vegas dog owner curls up with all TEN pets for afternoon nap

  • 4 years ago
This is the adorable moment ten pet dogs have an afternoon nap with their owner - with all of them curled up on the sofa.

Mitch Bennett nodded off with the loving pooches at home in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 30.

His partner, Adina, recorded the adorable scene with their large family of pets.

She said: ''We always make time to play with them every morning so in the afternoon they are all tired and sleepy. I love seeing them like that because normally they are super hyper. They are our pride and joy.''

Adina said that the oldest dog is seven-year-old Cassie, and she has seven babies, and they are all four years old. The next eldest is five-year-old Shay, and the last is three-years-old. They are all mixes of Schnauzer, Maltese, and Shih Tzu.