Beauty Industry Slams Lea Michele

  • 4 years ago
The hits keep coming for Lea Michele.
Beauty business insiders say Lea is known to be toxic in the industry because of her ugly behavior.
PageSix reports Lea has been caught up in a firestorm of controversy. Several co-stars have slammed "abhorrent" diva behavior.
One beauty pro told Page Six that after Michele was signed to be the face of L’Oréal in 2012 for an estimated $1 million.
One of her duties was a short interview about her beauty routine. She stormed out in the middle of it.
The questions and answers were agreed on in advance.
Lea just had to answer five questions on camera about her hair routine.
"But two questions in, Lea just stood up, said she was done and walked out, leaving everyone standing there in shock."
"The head of L’Oréal asked if she was coming back, and her mother said, ‘No, she’s not.’ ”
“This is who she is. Given how small the industry is, the word has spread across other beauty brands.”