Japanese F-2 & F-15J Intercepts Russian Tupolev Tu-95 || Su-35S Fighter Jets Response.

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Japanese F-2 & F-15J Intercepts Russian Tupolev Tu-95 || Su-35S Fighter Jets Response. Happens all time , nothing new.
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Two Russian long-range bombers were shadowed by Japanese combat planes while on a routine patrol mission in the Western Pacific.
The Japanese fighter jets were filmed by the Russian crews.
The two Tupolev Tu-95MS subsonic bombers flew a patrol mission in the neutral airspace, making their way over the Okhotsk Sea, the Sea of Japan and the western part of the Pacific.
The bombers were accompanied by Russian Su-35S fighter jets during their 15-hour-long sortie.
For some parts of the flight, the Russian air team was shadowed by the fighter jets of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
Footage filmed during the mission shows a Mitsubishi F-15J and a Mitsubishi F-2, the Japanese-produced version of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon respectively.
The Russian ministry stressed that like any other long-range aviation mission, the patrol was conducted in full compliance with international aviation rules.

These "Tupolev Tu-95" are fantastic piece of engineering, having a good safety record, easily converted to different missions, considerable payload, ultra long range and reliable.

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