UPDATE: YouTube Automatically Deletes Anti-China Comments

  • 4 years ago
CALIFORNIA — Last night, we put out a video that tested the claim that YouTube was automatically deleting anti-China comments, and we proved the claim right, they were, and now, YouTube is claiming that it's all just a big misunderstanding.

A YouTube spokesperson told TechCrunch that the auto-deletions were a result of an error in their enforcement systems, one that the company is supposedly looking into.

The spokesperson added, 'Users can report suspected issues to troubleshoot errors and help us make product improvements.'

TechCrunch claims that according to YouTube, the situation is an accidental side effect of the platform's comment moderation system, which is in place to filter out hate speech, harassment, and spam.

However, YouTube did not offer any explanation as to how the terms ended up in the automated system.

The report continues saying that with the vast majority of their workforces out of the office, major tech platforms have leaned more heavily on AI moderation methods in recent months, which results in an all too easy excuse of, less human oversight leads to more mistakes.

With this investigation supposedly underway, we should then see our comments no longer blocked.

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