I Tried the TikTok Hack to Keeping An Avocado From Going Brown—Here's What Happened

4 years ago
We Tried the TikTok Hack toKeeping An Avocado FromGoing Brown—Here’sWhat Happened.Recently, we came across a video onTikTok on how to cut an avocado, andsave it for later, without it going brown.Naturally, we had to try it.Margaret Drisi’s "dinosaur egg" methodinvolves leaving the avocado seed in placeand just scooping out what you need.This idea was easy to mimic, as youcan see from our Day One photo.Day Two, and the avocado was still green.The true test, of course, is ifit can make it beyond that.Day Three, there were a couple of brownspots, but nothing we wouldn’t devour.Although the dinosaur eggisn’t the traditional way tocut an avocado, it still works