The Top 5 Sidekicks of All Time - Top 5 Tuesday

  • 4 years ago
Before we started giving out lists I went full Babe Ruth, called my shot, and told Kevin I was about to kick his ass. When you make a prediction like that you better deliver, and I did.

1. Dominos Chicken Kickers - First of all, these kicks are a side. Perfect sidekick. Second of all, you never order a Dominos pizza without kickers. Sometimes you'll ask, "Should we get kickers too?" and everyone will pretend to ponder but already knows of course you should get chicken kickers. They're an inseparable piece of the Dominos experience, one without the other just wouldn't make sense.

2. Jim Brooke of - Heather Brooke straight up cannot do her job without Jim. She's the star, no doubt, but without him there's no show.

3. Phillip Pritchard aka The Keeper of the Cup - It must be strange to play the human sidekick to an inanimate object, but Phillip does it beautifully. He knows his role, doesn't try and steal the spotlight, but is always there for support and to take care of the Cup. You think of the Stanley Cup and not long after you're thinking of the moptopped fella in white gloves with it.

4. A shot of pickle juice - If you want to breakdown what a sidekick is, a guy who gets you out of a jam and will never let you down, then a shot of pickle juice has a rightful claim to the number one spot. You rip a shot then follow it with pickle juice and you will never, ever have mouth sweats. He's got your back.

5. Scrappy Doo - Scrappy Doo was a short king, a legend, and a guy who was always saying "LEMME AT EM." That's a sidekick I'll ride with every day of the week.

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