NBA Legend: Boston Celtics Was a Grave Yard for Black Players

4 years ago
NBA legends Bob McAdoo, Cedric Maxwell and Michael Cooper get together for a “living room Zoom chat.”

McAdoo, and NBA journey man with stints in Buffalo, NY Knicks, Celtics, Sixers, Pistons and, winning 2 titles with the LA Lakers, has been the topic of controversy regarding his tenuous 20 games with the Boston Celtics.

Truly fascinating to watch Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell, also a 2x champion, defend the city of champions, claiming ‘Boston is no more racist or less racist than any other cities in the 70’s and 80’s”

Coop directs the traffic in this unique BIG THREE conversation as he prepares to launch his SHOWTIME PODCAST on, later in April 2020.