Thai police are using their riot shields as coronavirus barriers when talking to the public

  • 4 years ago
Thai police are using their riot shields to protect themselves against the coronavirus when they talk to the public.

Officers at the Samranraj and Thapra police stations in Bangkok have placed the see-through equipment in front of their desks in the reception area.

It means that when members of the public visit the station, there is a physical barrier that may stop the airborne Covid-19 particles from reaching the officers.

Footage taken this morning (April 15) shows the unusual Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) being used to aid physical distancing measures.

Samranraj police station director Colonel Itthipong Pongsathorn said they are doing their best with the available equipment at hand to keep their office virus-free.

Speaking in the video, he said: "We informed the visitors that they must wear a face mask and go through the cleaning station before entering the building.

"The shields are normally used during raids and crowd disruptions, they can protect the holders from small weapons and liquid. So, we adapted them for barriers between officers and people.

"They are very useful to prevent cloud of saliva and spit spraying from people. Visitors have been pleased with our shields and they said they feel safe from the Covid-19 infection when they visit the police station."

Since recording began, Thailand has declared 2,643 Covid-19 coronavirus cases and 43 deaths. The country has enforced strict measures to combat the pandemic including closing zoos and other businesses, banning passenger flights, imposing curfews, sweeping travel bans and alcohol prohibition.