Dailymotion Elevate: No Win - "Shelley Duvall" live at Cafe Bohemia, NYC

  • 4 years ago
No Win sit down for a One On One Session at Cafe Bohemia New York.
For more info visit: http://www.nowin.la Audio & Video by: Ehud Lazin

Shelley Duvall
After Your Legs

Danny Nogueiras had one simple motivation for the 10 songs that make up downey, the debut album by his band NO WIN – honesty. This candor is evident from the very first notes, but with each subsequent listen the songs dig deeper and deeper, attaching themselves to the listeners own emotions and experiences until its songs become shared memories.
downey takes its name from the Southern California city Nogueiras grew up in. “It’s a good representation of where I come from, and it’s nostalgic for certain elements of the past while still being sad about them,” he says. downey is a compendium of glory days and melancholy memories, of hopes for a future already passed, and for dreams that may still be one day be realized.
The first album made by Nogueiras at Balboa Recording Studio in LA – which he built himself – it was recorded with bassist David Jerkovich (Kind Of Like Spitting, Novi Split), drummer Jeff Enzor (ex-Joyce Manor) and lead guitarist Juan Liñan and mixed by acclaimed producer/engineer John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, The Posies, Sleater-Kinney), it bursts and blooms with a vibrancy that’s a far cry from what NO WIN sounded like when, having left party punks FIDLAR, Nogueiras started it as a solo project some four years ago.
Using the album as a way to explore his new studio space, Nogueiras – who has also produced records by Together Pangea, No Parents, and Mean Jeans and toured in Waterloo Teeth alongside members of SWMRS – took his time to make sure that everything on downey was exactly as he wanted and had envisioned it to be.
That, combined with the powerful emotional punch of its songs is what makes downey a truly special record. It retreads the past with the eyes and wisdom of the present to create a collection of moments – of places, of experiences, of emotions, of people – that all combine to make us who we are now. Even if you’ve never been to Downey, it’s an album that anyone and everyone can relate to, even if their life experience is totally different, because it’s an album that captures the true essence of human existence and experience, no matter who you are, where you are or where you’re from.