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  • 4 years ago
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University of Hyderabad Faculty Develops Potential Vaccine Candidates Against Coronavirus
Dr. Seema Mishra has designed potential vaccine candidates, called T cell epitopes, against all the structural and non-structural proteins of novel coronavirus-2 (2019-nCoV) for experimental testing.
University of Hyderabad doctor designs potential vaccine candidates against Covid-19
Usually, vaccine discovery takes 15 years but the powerful computational tools helped in quickly enlisting these vaccine candidates in about 10 days.
Dr Seema designed these potential epitopes in a way that can be used to vaccinate entire population
Hyderabad Central Varsity professor designs vaccine candidates for coronavirus
Professor From An Indian University Joins The Race To Develop Vaccine For Coronavirus
As per reports, Dr Seema Mishra, a professor of Biochemistry, from the University of Hyderabad is looking forward to develop the vaccine for the novel COVID-19.
Coronavirus Outbreak: Vaccine development by Hyderabad University faculty shows promise
Tentatively named T-cell epitopes, the vaccine will go through many layers of testing which will aim at getting conclusive evidence in favour of the medicine.
The vaccine has been shared with the scientific community which will analyse the viability of the drug before coming to a conclusion.
Hyderabad Central Varsity professor designs vaccine candidates for coronavirus
Hyderabad University faculty working on coronavirus vaccine
The candidates are against all the structural and non- structural proteins of novel coronavirus-2 (2019-nCoV) for experimental testing, a varsity press release said.
Vaccination will take some time due to the need for further work on these candidate epitopes.
University of Hyderabad faculty develops possible COVID-19 vaccine