World's Top Chefs Cook A Special Dish, Reveal Their Secret Recipes & Interesting Food Facts | Chef Marco Pierre White | Chef Ranveer Brar

  • 4 years ago
In an exclusive chat with GOODTiMES, some of the world's top chefs reveal their culinary secrets, lazy day recipes, some interesting food facts and more! Here's presenting Chef Marco Pierre White, Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Sujan Sarkar, Chef Gurpreet Singh Gehdu, Chef Dhruv Oberoi and Chef Vikramjit Roy as they come together for 'World On A Plate'- the biggest International food festival of India.

About World On A Plate:

WORLD ON A PLATE is the biggest and the most credible International Food Festival in the country. WOAP brings creators of modern gastronomy to make it a forum for industry icons. It showcases food as a form of a genuine expression of passion. Everything about WOAP aims to give fans a true gastronomic experience. Restaurant pop-ups by the city's top restaurants, master classes by renowned Masterchefs, exclusive curated dinners & lunches, competition amongst amateur Chefs, awards given away by some of the world's most influential culinary artists- makes WOAP the biggest and the most exclusive festival in the country. WOAP restaurant of the year is one of the most coveted trophy as it is judged by the TOP Chefs from around the world who headline WOAP.


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