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  • 4 years ago
Soothing healing music | Deep sleep music | Calm relaxing meditation | Stress relief music. Music therapy (therapist) for mind body, therapy of beat insomnia, sleep ezy, of depression. Nature healing, instant calm, treatment, wellness, healing music for deep sleep, music calm relaxing, soothing music for sleep, mental health, signs of depression (depressed), healing music, music therapist.
The music is suitable for anxiety relief, Spa, relaxation, meditation, soothing, yoga, massage and more.

Affirmations for health:
Most have heard the word affirmation. But not many people know that with the help of affirmation you can get rid of depression, cure many diseases, and just feel young and beautiful. I am my own magician and healer!

What is the secret to health affirmations?
And he is in our head, or rather in our thoughts. Have you noticed that our brain is digesting and analyzing something all the time? Thoughts in my head do not fall silent for a minute. And this minute would be enough for us to improve our health. The biggest difficulty is getting the brain to shut up at this time. And when there is silence in your head, you can hear the voice of the subconscious. But without long practice, this is hardly possible for you. The curious can read about it in the Eastern teachings. The result is important to us.

Getting to the practice of affirmation.
Every positive word or sentence repeated many times gives amazing results. This, unfortunately, also applies to negativity. If you complain about your sores and bad mood every day, the road to health has been ordered. Let's not talk about the bad. From now on, affirmation will help you to be healthy and happy! From morning to evening and every day! First, use the cheat sheet, and then you can experiment.

Waking up in the morning, not getting out of bed, aloud or mentally wish yourself a GOOD MORNING. Contact a diseased organ or body part.

1. I choose health!
2.All mine (list the diseased organs) work and feel great!
3. Throughout the day I feel healthy, vigorous, full of strength!
4. My breakfast is light, healthy, delicious!
5.I'm breathing easily and freely on the street!
6. All the people around, love me, and I love them (even if you don’t think so, still repeat, you will see that soon it will be so)

Throughout the day, wish yourself health and well-being, invent affirmations yourself. The only condition is that they should be in the present tense and without a prefixses "no, not". On the Internet you will find many examples of affirmations, but the ones that you personally compiled give the best result.

The technique is very effective. Try and rate yourself!

Examples of health affirmations:

-I am well.
-Happiness surrounds me.
- My mental health is normal. I am joyful, positive and optimistic.
- Every cell of my body now vibrates with energy and health.
- I'm stress free.
- I am grateful for my healthy body.
- Perfect health is my divine right, and I declare it now.