Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner: We Riding The Lighting Like An '84 Metalhead And Also Jumping On Vegas

  • 4 years ago
Last week, the Corner went a tidy 3-1 for a +875 clip. Chipping away a bit after taking it on the chin is never a bad thing. Thank you, Colorado.

On Monday's ep, I totally butchered what I thought the line would be. I thought Tampa would be -160 territory which made me lean regulation only line. But it turns out the red-hot Lightning is the 'dog in this tilt, making regulation only +0.5 -145----a bet I would never make. And I'm not about to start. Mea culpa I fucked that up. But it changes nothing.

We still on the Lightning but we're just gonna take them on the money line (+105). Vasy, the hottest G on the planet not named Elvis, hasn't been named the starter yet but with McElhinney playing in Columbus last night, he seems as much of a slam dunk as Joaquin was Sunday night. Murray is the presumed starter for the Pens.

Tampa Bay keeps on rolling tonight by the Three Rivers. Lightning money line 1000 to make 1050 and -1.5 +240 for 500 to make 700.

Marc-André Fleury gave up 5 goals on 34 shots at home Saturday night. Then lost in a shootout. Expect the opposite tonight in Minny. We're on Vegas -0.5 EV 1000 to make a 1000 and -1.5 +180 for 500 to make 900.

Let's fucking go.

Good luck to all.