जानिए Coronavirus के बारे में, जो China के बाद अब India में भी आ चुका है |Symptoms | Cure

  • 4 years ago
After the major outbreak in China, Coronavirus named 2019-nCov is spreading across the world. Here is all you need to know about a family of viruses called Coronavirus.
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Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in China's Wuhan city creates a fear everywhere, especially in India. 2019 N Cov is an RNA virus that is transmitted from snakes (Hypothesis) to humans. This virus can create flu-like symptoms with breathing difficulty. This Virus can transmit person to person via droplets and direct contact so, you should take extra precaution because it is an airborne disease.
Till date, India does not have any confirm corona cases but in china, 6000 people are affected and 131 Died.
This video is explaining
1. what is a coronavirus and 2019-N CoV?
2. How coronavirus transmitted?
3. How you can prevent this infection?
4. What you should do during traveling?
5. What food is safe and what you should avoid?
6. And, many more about coronavirus

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