Macusoper Gets Grounded *OUTDATED* Series - Macusoper Gets Grounded WTWCAR PART 1

  • 5 years ago
As the punishment for spin-like punching his natural siblings, the wild cats, the lion, and the tiger roars at Macusoper causes him to throw a temper tantrum. In response, I, Andrew Nguyen, ground Macusoper for a day and three months.

If you like Macusoper Busters, please respect my opinion on him. So, I will respect yours. Enjoy the video with precaution.

Warning: * 400% LOUD VOLUME* throughout the video

Me - Diesel
Macusoper Busters - Kidaroo
Fioratura "Fiorire" Nguyen - Salli
My Vyond biographical son, Maxwell - Eric/John