Kitties Adorable Taste For Chicken Bones

  • 5 years ago
Kitties Adorable Taste For Chicken Bones , My Fofa cat is a great mom as she takes care of 4 twins cats from feeding them , cleaning and protect them from cold in their home made house for them .kitties are really cute and they are adorable to play and have fun with them , In this video My fofa cat teaching her kitties new ways to survive and how to catch mice in my house , fofa a lot of times did the super man catch on a lot of them , Kitties learn so fast when they are young , they need to take care of them selves for protection and food .Cats in General are adorable for babies or small kids as they tend to play and have fun all the Time , It's better to provide healthy milk for small kitties at the beginning like children , some cats learn to eat normal food like bones , meat , chickens ....etc while other like to eat the organic food specially made for them .