Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed wins this year's Nobel Peace Prize

  • 5 years ago
Now to Olso, Norway, where this year's Nobel Peace Prize was announced just about an hour ago.
The much coveted award went to... Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed... for his efforts to end border conflict with neighboring Eritrea while strengthening democracy in his country through political reform.
He is mostly recognized for brokering a peace deal with Eritrea... that ended a war between the two African nations that raged on for two decades.
Ahmed becomes the 100th winner of the prestigious award, and he is slated to receive a cash prize of nine million Swedish crowns, or nine-hundred-thousand U.S. dollars.
There has been a great deal of expectations over who would receive the prize, with Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, widely tipped among the favorite candidates.
Prime Minister Ahmed, during his visit to South Korea in August, mentioned the resemblance that Ethiopia-Eritrea relations have with inter-Korean relations, saying he hopes to see an improvement in Seoul-Pyeongyang ties, just as Ethiopia and Eritrea thawed their decades-long crisis.