[Read] Quintessential Filipino Cooking: 75 Authentic and Classic Recipes of the Philippines For

  • 5 years ago
[Read] Bring the Exciting Flavors of the Philippines into Your Kitchen Experience classic and authentic recipes from the Philippines with Quintessential Filipino Cooking. This incredible collection of 75 recipes highlights the traditions and favors of Filipino cooking, and gives each one Liza?s personal touch that takes it to the next level.These recipes highlight the standout favors of Austronesian, Malay-Indonesian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and American cuisines to make unforgettable dishes. Using easy-to-find ingredients and simple techniques Liza teaches readers to cook their own lumpia (spring rolls), sinigang (sour soup), longganisa (sausage), adobo (chicken or pork), kare kare (stewed oxtail), leche fan and more. For Free