Voices protesting against Tokyo's trade curbs on Seoul emerge from within Japan

  • 5 years ago
"한국이 적인가" 日 서명운동 참가자 9천 명 넘어

Nearly 10-thousand people in Japan have signed a petition in the last month urging Tokyo to lift its trade restrictions against Seoul.
The petition was organized by the 'Group Petitioning on Whether South Korea Is a Foe', that consists of Japan's social leaders ranging from scholars, legal professionals to activists.
The group stressed that it is absurd for Japan to treat South Korea like an enemy and that Seoul is an important neighbor in establishing peace and prosperity in the region based on free democracy.
It urged the Abe administration to stop dividing the people of the two countries and said Tokyo should hold talks with the South Korean government.
The group is to hold a protest in Tokyo on Saturday, as well as a briefing,... explaining the results of the petition, and discussing what people can do to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties.