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4 years ago
Banana Cream Pudding Cheesecake – Have Your Banana & Eat It Too
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The banana is a true miracle fruit. Not only does it taste great, but it's also chock-full of all kinds of great vitamins and minerals that are good for you, meaning you can truly feel good about treating yourself to a banana every now and then. Plus, all these awesome vitamins and minerals are responsible for boosting your energy levels, and if there's one thing you need when baking this creamy cheesecake, it's plenty of energy.

You'll Need:

- 9 oz oatmeal cookies (or graham crackers)
- 3 oz melted butter
- 1 banana
- 3½ oz bittersweet chocolate
- 1½ tbsp flour
- 3 oz sugar
- pinch of salt
- 8 fl oz milk
- 1 tbsp vanilla extract
- 2 egg yolks
- 8 oz cream cheese
- apricot jam

Here's How:

1. Get a 4-inch springform pan, a 9 or 10-inch springform pan, and an 8 x 2-inch piece of cardboard, and assemble the pieces as shown in the video. 

2. Crumble the oatmeal cookies or graham crackers in a bowl and mix the crumbs with the melted butter. Firmly press the crumb base on the bottom and sides of the banana shaped portion of the pan.

3. Slice the banana, lay the slices on the crumb base, and grate some chocolate on top.

4. Combine the flour, sugar, and milk in a saucepan for the pudding. Bring to a boil, while constantly stirring, and add the vanilla extract and egg yolks. Remove the pot from the stove and let cool to room temperature. Gradually mix the pudding into the cream cheese, spread the cream pudding over the sliced bananas, and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

5. Remove the cake from the pan and completely coat it with apricot jam, except for the ends which you will later decorate with melted dark chocolate. Dip a wooden stick into a bowl of melted chocolate and draw a dark, curved line from one end to the other to make the cake look more like a banana.

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