Mouth watering Sea food from Sundarban, fish market of Sundarban, Durgapur village, Satjelia , West Bengal

  • 5 years ago
Majority of the diet of the people of Sundarban consists of Rice and fish, including Shrimps, Squids, Prawns, Crabs, Oysters, and Clams. Boti, a Bengali Knife (knife with a base, held between the feet and the hands are used to cut fish, meats, and vegetables)

US imported the largest volume of shrimps from India during the first four months of 2019. India's share was more than 38 per cent of the 194,603 tonnes US imported this year. SOURCE (

Seafood composes 10% of the total exports of India and nearly 20% of all agricultural exports. Over 50 different types of fish and shellfish products are exported to 75 countries around the world. In total India produced 10.7 million tonnes of fish and shrimp in 2016, as reported by FAO. 47% is captured and 53% is produced by aquaculture. Over 89% of the fish production comes from the inland sector. Nearly three quarters of the fish production derives from marine fisheries, the remaining 29% from inland fisheries. The inland aquaculture sector is significantly increasing. According to the statistics reported by the National Development Fisheries Board fisheries and aquaculture contribute over 1% to India’s total GDP and just over 5% to its agricultural GDP. India has over 240 thousand fishing crafts operating in the coast, six major fishing harbours, 62 minor fishing harbours and 1,511 landing centers. The sector employs more than 14 million people, of which 3.9 million are fisherfolk. SOURCE (

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