Full E-book Pulutan! Filipino Party Recipes: Street Foods and Small Plates from the Philippines:

  • 5 years ago
[Read] Influenced by the cuisines of Spain, China, and America along with over 100 regions in the Philippines, Pulutan is the fun and flavorful finger food you eat when you drink! Pulutan! Filipino Party Recipes is the ultimate cookbook for casual tapas, snacks, and canapes as Filipino cuisine gains popularity worldwide. Marvin Gapultos, author of bestselling The Adobo Road Cookbook showcases 55 standard Pulutan recipes as well as some of his own creative bites in this fun and unique cookbook including:Salted "Mani" Bar NutsFresh Salad Lumpia RollsPineapple Glazed Bacon SkewersAnd much more including tantalizing desserts!Recipes are easy to follow using ingredients readily found in most supermarkets or Asian grocery stores. The results are tasty, satisfying finger foods you'll enjoy making and serving. Expert beverage pairings are suggested with each unique recipe so you can amaze your friends and family with exciting Filipino favorites at your next gathering. For Kindle