Three more victims found on Danube River, bringing official death toll from boat capsize to 15

  • 5 years ago
헝가리 침몰사고 수중 수색…韓실종자 시신 3구 추가발견

Once again our starting point is Hungary.
It's been over a week since the fatal collision and sinking of a tour boat on the Danube River.
On Wednesday, local time, search and rescue teams in that country have found three more bodies all of them South Korean raising the official death toll to fifteen.
Oh Soo-young has our top story.
According to South Korean officials in Budapest,... a body was discovered during an underwater search along the River Danube,... at around 9:20AM on Wednesday local time.
The victim has been identified as a man in his sixties who had been onboard the tour boat that sank.
Rescuers also discovered the remains of a woman in her thirties some 50 kilometers downstream from the site of the accident,... and later found the body of a woman in her forties near the wreckage of the boat.
All three victims were South Korean.
Out of the 35 people onboard the Mermaid tour boat last week,... only seven are known to have survived.
Korean and Hungarian authorities plan to work on lifting the sunken Mermaid as early as Thursday.
"If the ropes are in place and we start the lifting in the morning, then by the afternoon, or by the evening at the latest, we will finish, provided there are no problems."
A huge floating crane arrived in Northern Budapest on Wednesday,... and is waiting for water levels to subside so it can safely reach the site of the accident.
The Korean embassy's defence attache told reporters in Budapest that authorities from both countries are trying to prevent the loss of bodies by securing the vessel and preparing for a possible salvage.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News.