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5 years ago
Single French braids are great for girls with shorter locks who want to try a new hair style that works for a gym class and a gin and tonic.

In this full-length video watch hair braid pros Duck & Dry break down single french braids into easy to follow steps.

If you feel like you're constantly battling to keep your hair away from your face whilst planking or fighting your fringe mid-spin class, this is the braid do for you.

Avoid the sweaty fridge situation and make your face look slimmer with this elegant updo.


Heart set on letting your hair down? Then put it up. There's nothing like a good plait (or two) to navigate you through a gym session and onto a night out. In this series, WH has teamed up with the best braid bars in London to arm you with easy to follow hair braids videos.



Style with: Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texturising Spray (£25,

1. Section hair into three, dividing the hair above the arch of each eyebrow to the back of the crown.
2. After clipping the right and left sections out of the way, take an inch-wide section from the top of the left side and split into three smaller sections labelling them 1, 2 and 3 left to right.
3. Pull the middle strand (2) over the right strand (3) so strand 2 is now the right strand and strand 3 is now the middle strand.
4. Now with strand 2 you need to gather an inch-wide section of loose hair to add to the braid.
5. Before braiding in the new bit of hair, thread strand 1 under strand 3, then add some loose hair to strand 3. So you should now have strand 3 plus added hair in your fingers, strand 1 in the middle and strand 2 on the right-hand side with some extra hair.
6. Now take strand 1 above strand 2, making sure you keep hold of the extra hair you added.
7. Then add extra hair to strand 1, which will now be on the right-rand side so it is ready for when you have braided the extra hair into the braid from the left.
8. Repeat what you have done: take the middle strand above the strand on the left-hand side making sure you keep hold of the extra hair and then add hair to the strand that is now on the left.
9. Repeat until the hair is braided to the nape of the neck.
10.With the remaining hair at the side crimp or curl in different directions and take different size sections creating texture.
11. Take a small strand of hair from below the bobble and wrap around until you can't the elastic before using a bobbi pin to secure.



Crew: Big Hair Films (

Hair by Duck and Dry


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