How To Debone Chicken Thighs | Good Housekeeping UK

  • 5 years ago
Learn how to debone a chicken thigh in this simple how-to video from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Buying chicken thighs with bone in is much cheaper than buying boneless thigh fillets. See how to debone them in our step-by-step video.

1. Put thigh skin side down on a chopping board. The small knuckle end should be sticking out. Use a small sharp knife to score along line of bone from one end to other along both sides. Slice horizontally along top of bone to cut away meat.

2. Slice underneath bone to release it from meat, scraping meat away with knife.

3. Lift bone to prise large knuckle end out, using knife to scrape away last bits of attached meat to cut it free.

4. Trim thigh of any excess skin and any remaining gristle. Or pull skin away in one piece to make a skinless thigh fillet.

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