Release Date Announced for 'Bob's Burgers' Movie

5 years ago
Release Date Announced
for 'Bob's Burgers' Movie Disney recently announced their cinematic release
schedule through 2027, revealing the official date
for their ‘Bob’s Burgers’ movie adaptation. It is scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, 2020. The television series premiered on Fox
in 2011, and is currently airing its ninth season. The show became property of Disney
in early 2019 after the Walt Disney
Company acquired 21st Century Fox. According to show creator Loren Bouchard,
the movie adaptation will feature the Belcher
family embarking on an “epic adventure.” Loren Bouchard,
via Deadline The movie will feature its original voice actors,
with Bob Belcher voiced by H. Jon Benjamin
and Linda Belcher by John Roberts. Dan Mintz will also reprise his role voicing Tina,
Eugene Mirman will return as Gene and Kristen Schaal will voice Louise.