Story Unfolds - AAP : Anarchy activism protests ? - NewsX

  • 5 years ago
One of his more poetically inclined associates resorts to the worst kind of stereotyping about the complexion of Malayali women. His law minister thinks he is the law (apart from, presumably, seeing red every time he sees an African).
And so, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is happy to accept the tag of anarchist.
If it were not for the serious governance issues involved, Kejriwal's antics would have been entertaining.
On Monday, he took to the streets seeking action against police officers who had committed the grievous offense of not listening to his law minister.
It does appear as if Kejriwal is engaging in a bout of brinkmanship with the Congress, daring it to withdraw support to his fledgling government. Until that happens, Kejriwal will continue to supply a dose of anarchy to the capital—along with cheap electricity and water.

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