Little Twins Kitties Eat Chicken Bones For First Time

  • 5 years ago
Little Twins Kitties Eat Chicken Bones For First Time , this video was back there in Dec 2018 when my cat fofa got her 4 twins kitties , it was 3 weeks later when the little kitties started to eat so i gave them some chicken bones to eat and they were very happy .Even cats can get too much of a good thing. Raw animal bones have some health benefits for your cat. They are a great source of minerals, most notably calcium, which is important to keep your cat’s bones strong and their fur healthy. If you cat has a calcium deficiency, raw bones may be an easy way to get them a little extra calcium.But, as with anything, make sure you don’t toss every single raw bone to your cat. First of all, cats aren’t a garbage disposal or a composter; they are living creatures, and too much of a good thing can have negative health consequences, like obesity. For all the minerals that raw bones can provide our cats, they also come with fatty marrow that can raise the calorie count significantly, leading to an overweight pet.