A Few of My Passions - My Feelings on @dtube Content - My Thoughts About LinkSeven77 with @nathanmars7 - @drisers Contest Entry by @jeronimorubio
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#znap7 - A Few of My Passions - My Feelings on @dtube Content - My Thoughts About #linkSeven77 with @nathanmars7 - @drisers Contest Entry by @jeronimorubio

@drisers and #linkseven77 Contest - 3 Questions - 3 Real Answers by @jeronimorubio.png


Much love and Respect to All of You Always, Your Brother for Life and Beyond, @jeronimorubio - #STEEM to the MOON!!!.

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I am always So Thankful for All of the Amazing and Beautiful People in My Life like My Fiance Vanja, Our Two Children Angeles and David and All of My Family in Mexico, Norway, Thailand (My Brother @stewsak), and here in the USA. They Are a True Blessing in My Life and I Love Them With All of My Heart.

My Journey Has Been Amazing So Far here on the #steem Powered Platforms and I am Always So Very Thankful and Grateful to all of you Beautiful and Amazing #steemains, #dtubers, @steemmonsters, @dtube, @onelovedtube, @helpie, @dcooperation, @steem-ua, @steemhunt, @steepshot, @partiko, @vladivostok, @dtubedaily, @drisers, @bdcommunity, @nathanmars, @steemnurse, #dtubefamily777, #linkseven77, @prettynicevideo, and all of the DApps and Dev Teams on these Amazing #steem Powered Platforms. I Love All of You as Well.

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