BMW Art Cars - How a vision became reality, Augusto Farfus, BMW works driver

  • 6 years ago
From 10th October 2018 to February 2019, a special exhibition entitled “BMW Art Cars | How a vision became reality” puts on display seven out of a total of 19 vehicles from the BMW Art Cars Collection. As well as the first four BMW Art Cars created by artists Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, collectively known as the “Big Four”, visitors also have the chance to see Jeff Koons’ masterpiece on four wheels #17. Additional highlights include the German premieres of the current BMW Art Cars; #18 by Chinese video artist Cao Fei and #19 by American artist John Baldessari are the continuation of the legendary series. The special exhibition also honours the work of French pioneer Hervé Poulain, who, as both an auctioneer and a race driver, bridged the gap between the world of art and motorsports. With the idea of connecting the arts and motorsports, he created a link between the two fields that still holds to this day. Countless documents from his personal possessions will be displayed, as well as works of fine art that are thematically linked to motorsports.